cherry & co. | A July Playlist: summer mon chérie
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A July Playlist: summer mon chérie

And with that, it’s July!

– Now that we have gotten into the groove of summer, I wanted to share some beats that I’ve consistently been coming back to ever since summer began…


This playlist especially seems to have a taste of my other playlists – a sampler, if you will. I have listened to this playlist in a number of different contexts, scouring which situations are the best to experience this particular list of songs.

Some recommended situations to listen to this playlist:


a) driving back from your best friend’s house before dinner as the sun sets, and the warm wind enters your car windows and blows through your luscious locks of hair


b) on your way to your town’s farmer’s market, on the hunt for tomatoes that smell like the sun, and kettle corn that was freshly popped a mere 3 minutes before your arrival


c) coming back from the Grand Canyon


d) walking home from your ballet class, attempting to relax your muscles after artistically contorting them for the past hour and a half


e) as cliché as it is, sitting in your favorite coffee shop, sipping your ice-cold chai latte as you type up an article about a playlist…


So press play below and continue reading for a snippet about our featured artist this month, The Marías.

*Ideally, this playlist was meant to be played in order, preferably with your crossfade set to around 6-7 seconds. However, feel free to shuffle the list, live a lil’ dangerously! Why not!


Featured Artist/Track

I Don’t Know You by The Marías – @themarias.mp3

Perfect for those sultry summer nights where you feel like bopping around Timothy Chalamet in Call Me By Your Name- style (wearing a linen button down and holding a frosty glass of aperol spritz, of course). The lead singer, María, is a Puerto Rico-born Atlanta native. In late 2016, she was performing in Los Angeles when she meet John Conway, who was working as the sound engineer of the show. The night they met would mark the start of The Marías. Their sound, and this track especially, is a culmination of cool LA jazz, lounge vibes and psychedelic funk led by poetic guitar riffs and María’s hypnotic vocals.

thanks for listenin’! we’ll see you next month with a fresh new playlist for ya👋


featured image: from The Modern Girls – María shot by Payton Bednasek (@bohemiabyblood)


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