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From My Ears to Yours: 3 Podcasts You Should Listen to RN

With summer comes long road trips, hot days at the beach, and plenty of lazy, hazy days.


My favorite pairing with all of these? A good ol’ podcast.


I don’t know about you, but for me, it seems like lately everyone and their lola has a podcast and, honestly, I’m not mad about it. However, it can be difficult to tell which podcasts are actually good without having to commit to a full episode. Luckily for you, I’ve sorted through some bad eggs and now present to you the golden ones. These podcasts will inform you, inspire you, and lift you- all while highlighting POC voices 🙌



Still Processing

You know how after a celebrity insults another celebrity and you think “Oooo I wonder what so-and-so is gonna say about that…”

Well, my version is “Ooo I wonder what Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris are gonna say about that…”

Right after any major pop culture event happens, the first thing I want to do is hear what these two have to say. They are two culture writers and podcast host for The New York Times. Wortham “mostly writes about how humans relate to technology”, while Morris writes about “how popular culture and movies relate to humans”.

Wortham and Morris talk about it all from Beychella to Gambino’s This is America, to Ocean’s 8, to “authentic” BBQ. The duo discuss these topics and more in a way that is palatable for anyone, even that friend who says “they’re just not really into politics”. Their conversations are extremely meaningful, thoughtful, and always hilarious. They are cool and smart and never fail to bring a new perspective to the table. What I love most is how genuine their relationship is; one episode starts with the two conversing in a busy Brooklyn diner at brunch, and continues with their discussion of the inherent racism within the sharing economy. Their open and honest friendship serve as a sturdy foundation/nurturing cocoon for their sometimes serious- but always frank- discussions.



On She Goes

The On She Goes podcast is a recent discovery for me and it is quickly becoming my favorite. The podcast centers on discussions surrounding women of color and travel and is led by their team of amazing WOC . I’ve recently been bitten by the travel bug so I’m hungry for all the information out there. My favorite episode so far is with Serita Wesley who discusses yoga in the POC space and self care while traveling through interviews with her little sister, Sarah Wesley (Social Media Influencer, Solo Traveler, and Yogi) and Bibi McGill (former lead guitarist for Beyonce’s all female band (!!!!) “The Suga Mamas”, DJ, and Yogi). As I listened to this episode, I definitely aligned with feeling out of place in typical yoga spaces that cater to white, skinny,  and flexible women. Hearing their experiences and words had me feeling so empowered by the end that I am now getting back into my yoga practice full force and am so excited to continue listening to all their other episodes.


Black Girl in Om


If the kind of podcast mood you’re in is a warm, spiritual, and get in touch with yourself kinda mood- this is the one for you. Black Girl in Om’s podcast is your “go-to conversation on all things wellness, self-care, and self-love for women of color”. It’s hosted by BGIO founder Lauren Ash and BGIO art directory Deun Ivory. This podcast is a recent addition for me and I am already so grateful for its presence in my life. The episodes consist of conversations between Ash, Ivory, and a guest. The topics of every episode have been very different from each other- from mindfulness to food, to skincare. However, for me, all the episodes follow the trajectory of creating space for women of color to have conversations about topics in which our opinions are traditionally underrepresented. In short, this podcast is kind of like the most informative meditation you will ever experience.

In an episode of Black Girl in Om, Ash asks, “How do we make room for celebration of life?” My answer to this is to remember that celebrating life nourishes our souls and well-beings- which ultimately makes us better people. Therefore, celebrating life should be a daily priority. Whether it’s through spending time with the people we love, taking a walk in the neighborhood, or listening to a podcast (😉), choose a way to celebrate your one, beautiful life.


PS: featured image on this article is by the talented Xoana Herrera – follow her here: @xoana.herrera
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