cherry & co. | chats with Cat: part i [yoga, and cats and self care!]
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chats with Cat: part i [yoga, and cats and self care!]

As I stand on the border between “dependent” and “independent”, I find myself wanting to make decisions more consciously. With this, come questions about…


finances (how do i not spend all my money?)


career (how do i find out what i want to do with my life?)


health (the pill or na?)


being a good citizen of the world (how can i live more sustainably and fair towards the earth and the people who make our goods?)


For me, some of these topics are the types of things that can be difficult for me to talk with my parents about. And i thought to myself, who better to ask than someone wise and cool and most importantly, patient? Her name is Cat. We first met in college and I’ve always looked up to her and her cool-as-a-cucumber demeanor. Besides being a sustainable fashion blogger and Seattle transplant, she is also a regular human being living in this world, like you and me! By sharing her thoughts on some of the aforementioned topics, I hope to start larger conversations here- because it’s okay to not know everything!




Hi Cat! Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us! Let’s start with the basics: where is home for you?

Hi Allie! Thanks so much for reaching out and letting me take up space on Cherry and Co :). I live in Seattle, WA, but grew up in the Los Angeles area. I’m lucky enough to have friends and family in both places, and call both places home.

What’s a typical day in the life for you?

I wake up around 5:30am for my morning workout if I’m on the ball that day, or I sleep in until 6 or 7am. Then, I do some housekeeping stuff for my blog (checking e-mail and stuff) before heading off to work around 8 or 8:30am. I work as a content writer at a tech startup and my work days vary from day to day, but usually consists of writing blogs and articles, managing social media, editing, e-mail marketing, and whatever else needs to get done…it’s a startup so I definitely end up doing things outside the job description! When I get home, I play with and feed my cats (this is the first thing because they are VERY demanding), cook dinner (unless my partner and I adequately provided for our future selves the day before), and work on my blog.

What are you passionate about?

Writing, advocating for and empowering women of color, ethical fashion, cats, random dogs I see on the street, and making and eating food.

Tell me about your cats 🙂

Oh no, you opened the floodgates! This is the moment when I’d whip out my phone and show you my endless photo stream of cat photos, and there’d be 15 photos of my cats sleeping in the same position but from slightly different angles. Speaking of which, shameless plug for my cats’ Instagram, @thekiwiouskitties!
I adopted my first cat, Kiwi, when I first moved to Seattle…like, literally 2 weeks after I moved up here with my partner. It felt like destiny because my name is Cat, and I’ve been subjected to more than my fair share of cat jokes throughout my life.
We got Kiwi from the humane society, and he was kind of the worst cat to get as a first time cat owner. He hadn’t been socialized with humans, so he hid under furniture for weeks and would barely let us touch him. But over time, he’s become a loving and obnoxiously attention-seeking cat.
We got our second kitty, Kimchi, because Kiwi seemed lonely and we felt so bad leaving him at home in our tiny apartment all day.
Kimchi just turned one (she is a Taurus, if you were curious) and she is ridiculously extroverted. Kind of destructive. Very adorable. Everyone loves her because she loves people and solicits belly rubs from strangers.
Anyway, now we have twice the cuteness and twice the ridiculous antics.



kiwi and kimchi serving lewks


Favorite activity to get your body movin’?

Definitely yoga. I discovered yoga through this radical grassroots yoga studio in East LA called People’s Yoga, which you should check out if you’re in the area. They make yoga accessible and inclusive for people of color. Since I’ve moved to Seattle, I’ve found a yoga studio that I really like, although I wish it were more diverse.
Yoga has helped me get to know my body and to be more aware of it. I think that in our everyday lives, especially when we work with our minds and on screens rather than with our bodies, we become so disconnected to our physical selves. Doing yoga helps me root myself in my own body and be more aware of, and accept how I feel in it. And I think that doing yoga has helped me accept my body for what it is and what it can do, at this moment in time, knowing that each and every moment might be different than the last.

Brands you love?

For activewear, I’m in love with Girlfriend Collective’s sports bra and legging sets, which come in gorgeous colors and are made from recycled water bottles! This is one of the first ethical and sustainable fashion brands that I fell in love with when I first started blogging, which is why I’m so loyal to them. (Another shameless plug: You can use ‘CAT10’ to get 10% off your first order thru July 8, 2018!)
For special occasion and vacation dresses, I love Reformation. Their styles definitely prove that ethical and sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be boring.
For shoes, I’m a big fan of Nisolo for their classic styles and transparency about their social impact.
I know that these brands have a higher price point than a lot of people may be used to, but I encourage people to think about why fast fashion is so cheap…more often than not, the true cost of those clothes is being paid by exploited garment workers and the earth. I’ve learned to be OK with paying more per item and buying less in general, in order to support brands that do fashion in a more ethical way.


Do you do anything for self care on the regular?

Yes! I’ve recently started meditating using this app called Headspace. I’m naturally a very anxious person so it’s helped me learn how to be more at peace with my thoughts, rather than letting them sweep me up in ridiculous frenzies of anxious energy.
I’ve been trying to go to yoga once a week. This would normally not be affordable but I got some yoga classes on sale, yay! And I also try to exercise regularly, in addition to doing yoga.
I also consider eating foods that are good for my body a form of self care. I invest a lot of time into cooking healthy meals, which I’ve noticed that not many of my peers do (it’s scary how many of my coworkers eat instant ramen for lunch every day).
Also, a bath once in a while is extremely good for the soul!

What advice do you have for your younger self?

This is so cheesy, but follow your heart. Your heart has always known who you are all along, and you’re the kind of person who has to stay true to that in order to be happy. Don’t worry so much about the practicality of things, like your future salary or whatever, and do what brings you joy with all of your heart.


[stay tuned for more chats with cat to come SOON! we will cover topics such as following your passions, living sustainably and ethically, being a w.o.c. blogger, women’s health, and more! in the meantime, DM us on our instagram with topics you want to learn more about or any questions you have! 🌸]
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