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4 Things To Know About Post Grad

in the words of elle woods, “i did it!”


but what happens after the hundreds of  grad caps are thrown and thousands of pictures are taken?


let me tell you-  a whole ‘nother ballgame. post grad can be strange and difficult but it’s also an incredible time of growth and change. i’m here to share a few things i’ve learned since being handed that diploma and moving the tassel to the other side:


illustration by rachel jo (



-it’s been a solid three weeks post grad and this was one of the first and hardest lessons to learn. The lack of structure that is now my life is anxiety provoking and society clearly portrays vulnerability and sadness as signs of weakness but this is far from true! We all have bad days and especially during a transitional period it is normal to feel a wide array of emotions! Feelings are great and should not be ignored!!


illustration by loveis wise (@cosmicsomething)



-ok so a lil’ confession, i’m still not totally following up this piece of advice as I have yet to pick up a book but I’m working on it! If you are like me and have been in school for the past eighteen years of your life you understand that once you aren’t forced to think academically it’s like you are on summer break for the rest of your life and you just wanna binge watch that new true crime doc that just landed on Netflix. NO! Pick up a book that might interest you and keep feeding your brain and your soul information that, like school, can be beneficial to you for the rest of your life.


illustration by xoana herrera (@xoana.herrera)



-when I was abroad a year ago I started  shopping and cooking for myself for the first time and let me tell you, its hard!!!! But don’t stress, practice never makes perfect but it definitely does make things easier. The grocery store can seem like an overwhelming place as there are so many options and the cheapest options might not have the healthiest ingredients. I would suggest doing some organic and gluten free/dairy free options that wont break the bank, THEY DO EXIST! I have also been really benefiting from the farmers market because you can purchase affordable and eco-friendly items from local vendors!


illustration by stephanie deangelis (@steph_angelis)



-this has been a tough one for me. I am Taurus and we are so resistant to change! (NO NEW FRIENDS!) I’ve been slowly but surely stepping out of my comfort zone and making an effort! Putting yourself out there via small talk or a dating app is hard. of course being vulnerable is terrifying but it can really produce some great results and you might even make lifelong friends!!


illustration credits- follow these lovely people <3
featured image and biking gif: @xoanaherrera
2nd image:
3rd image: @cosmicsomething
4th image: @steph_angelis
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